Fermented Foods’ Probiotic Bacteria May Help Cure Bad Breath.

Fermented Foods’ Probiotic Bacteria May Help Cure Bad Breath.? There are other options than mouthwash and gum to cover up the offensive smell. According to a recent research, probiotics, or “good” bacteria, which can be found in a wide range of fermented foods, may also aid in reducing the unpleasant odour.

Data gathered from seven clinical trials examining the effect of probiotics on foul breath were aggregated and evaluated by researchers at the National Clinical Research Center for Oral Diseases at Sichuan University in Chengdu, China. In order to determine if the probiotics were effective in reducing foul breath, a total of 278 individuals were randomly allocated to either placebo pills or supplements of the probiotics Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus Reuters, Streptococcus salivarius, or Weissella cibaria.

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The researchers wrote in BMJ Open that taking probiotics for two to twelve weeks resulted in much-reduced levels of volatile sulfuric compounds, which are connected to foul breath, and significantly less detectable breath odor, two signs that probiotics helped treat halitosis.

What Causes Horrible-Smelling Breath?

Fermented Foods' Probiotic Bacteria May Help Cure Bad Breath.

Fermented Foods’ Probiotic Bacteria

The researchers analyzed volatile sulfuric compounds, a gaseous mixture of sulfur and other components created when bacteria in the mouth combine with food and other detritus, in order to quantify foul breath. One of the biggest contributors to halitosis is those substances. Researchers examined white tongue films, which can exacerbate foul breath and assessed breath scents at various distances from the mouth.

Probiotic-taking participants exhibited decreased levels of breath odor and volatile sulfuric compounds, but there was no appreciable difference in the quantity of tongue coating. The researchers speculate that the trials may have been either small or too brief to pick up on minute changes.

The fact that the smaller trials the researchers looked at also utilized a range of techniques to detect changes in breath odor and a variety of probiotics raises another potential limitation of the analysis. It is so challenging to suggest a particular probiotic for treating halitosis.

Probiotics May Offer a Remedy for Bad Breath

Fermented Foods' Probiotic Bacteria May Help Cure Bad Breath.

Fermented Foods’ Probiotic Bacteria

However, the current study’s findings add to a growing body of research that shows probiotics found in dietary supplements and fermented foods may help treat foul breath. Probiotics were shown in one 2020 study to be effective in preventing gum disease, cavities, and bad breath. Probiotics were shown to be helpful for lowering foul breath in different research that was released earlier this year.

According to a press release from the researchers, these fermented buddies may aid in the prevention of bad breath by reducing the breakdown of proteins and amino acids in the mouth, which limits the production of offensive byproducts.

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However, taking supplements is not necessary to have the same advantages. Yogurt, sourdough bread, miso soup, and other acidic fermented foods contain these microorganisms (miso is fermented soybean paste). Additionally, they are present in fermented drinks like kombucha and kefir.

How to Cure Bad Breath

There are several additional things you may do if you’re bothered by foul breath even after consuming probiotics or fermented foods. According to the Mayo Clinic, dentists often suggest a number of ways to remedy bad breath when it is caused by inadequate dental care. These consist of:

  • Utilizing mouthwash Bacteria that cause foul breath may be eliminated with a rinse or mouthwash.
  • How to Treat Gum Disease Gum disease can lead to pockets where odor-producing bacteria can gather and cause the gums to detach from the teeth.
  • Following Meals with a Toothbrush To assist lessen bad breath smells, use an antimicrobial toothpaste. Brush your tongue as well to get rid of the white coating.
  • Flossing This gets rid of any bacteria-causing debris in between your teeth.
  • Making Dietary Changes Eliminate meals that have a strong aftertaste on your tongues, such as garlic and onion.
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